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    Industrial Invention That Shocked The World

    By / October 28, 2015

    It is unimaginable what the world looked like before the industrial revolution. Imagine the world without electricity, automobiles, skyscrapers, mobile phones, the internet computer and many other things. Just like I guessed it seems pretty intolerable. However, to achieve what we have today, many people had sleepless nights and worked hard researching on ways to make the earth a greater place. Or is it a worse place? That is for you to judge.

    The industrial revolution has come with its blessing and stringed along its curses too. The invention of electricity paved the way for the success of modern day industries. Industries used oil in running their machinery. However, the power provided a better cheaper alternative that not only helped conserve the environment but was also efficient. Electricity discovery has made it possible for industries to run optimally without existing the world’s oil reserves from diminishing. Various studies on getting renewable energy like solar power and wind power are also contributing allot in the sustenance of the existing power.

    The industrial revolution has made communication easy. The world has become a global village due to ease of communication. The invention of computers has been a marvel and has successfully taken communication to another level. Compared to a long time ago, a song can be produced in New York and uploaded on the internet and get listened to by another person in japan streaming it live. The revolution in communication has come a long way, and the industrial revolution is to blame for the success.

    The mortality rate among the world’s population has reduced significantly by the revolution in the medical industry. The medical industry is changing, diseases and epidemics that used to wipe out entire villages have been eradicated. The revolution in the pharmaceutical industry has been the reason for these changes.

    On the other hand, the industrial revolution has had its fair share of blame for the destruction of the environment and human lives. The invention of weapons has contributed to the death of many people as well as the destruction of properties. The first and second world wars were as a result of the battle for supremacy among the industrial nations and led to mass destruction and death. Guns and chemical weapons have been used to perpetrate these heinous acts.

    The industrial revolution has been very helpful to man. Apart from evil men’s desire to use it against the fellow men, if utilized in the right way, then the word would be the safest haven to live in.

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